Israel Gas and Oil Energy

Oil and Gas

Our law firm's leading team has over two decades of unique experience in legal representation of oil and gas corporations at day-to-day activities as well as at IPO 's on the TASE. Working on a daily basis with the major players in the Israeli market, the firm acquired unique knowledge and experience in the field of Oil & Gas business, including the filing of requests for a petroleum exploration permit or license, the purchase of interests in oil and gas assets, the financing of oil and natural gas transactions and the negotiation and drafting of all types of oil and gas agreements, including contracts with drilling contractors and joint operation agreements (JOA).


Oil & Gas Exploration Financing

The firm is regularly involved in IPO's of oil and gas partnerships units and fund raising on the stock exchange for oil and gas transactions. Because Israel provides substantial tax incentives to oil and gas partnerships, the Israeli stock market for oil and gas partnership developed over the years into a complex structure requiring unique expertise in this area which the firm obtained through the years while assisting the majority of the partnerships currently traded on the TASE. Furthermore, the firm's expertise in corporate law and M&A enables it to provide professional legal counsel at all kinds of joint ventures and deals, including Pre-IPO or Post-IPO investments and acqusitions of the General Partner by financial and strategic investors and further services at midstream stage.


Unique Oil & Gas related Tax Expertise

The firm’s tax expertise provides it with a significant advantage in the process of the IPO and fund raising which requires a thorough knowledge of tax and the capital market. In Israel, each propectus filed with Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange requires tax opinion by an expert in the field of the filing company's business, and Dr. Zeev Holender, as an unique and seasoned expert in the field of Oil & Gas exploration taxation has rendered tax opinions to the majoritiy of the Oil & Gas partnerships that raised funds from the public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in the recent years.


Ongoing Representation of Oil and Gas entrepreneurs and partnerships

In addition to its expertise in the unique tax and corporate finance aspects of the Oil & Gas exploration and devopment (upstream) business, the firm has an experience in dealing with all the regulatory bodies involved in the process, including the Petroleum Commissioner and the Petroleum Council, for complying with the requirements of the Israel Petroleum Law (5712-1952), Petroleum Law Regulations (5713-1953) and the more recent Offshore Petroleum Regulation. Furthermore, the firm is retained by the majority of the publicly traded oil and gas partnerships in Israel and advises them in all their activities and deals, including agreements and their reports to the TASE. These partnerships, after their IPO and fund raising, continue to receive the firm’s full services and support. Our law firm has become the address for entrepreneurs in the field of oil and natural gas exploration in Israel who are looking for quality legal services based on many years of experience in this complex area, which became the most important in the Israeli energy sector due to recent offshore gas field dicoveries.