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R&D Fund Unicorn raised NIS 70 million in IPO on the TASE

September 2020

The lawyers at our firm represented the Unicorn Technologies L.P on its IPO on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Our law firm has advised the founders of Unicorn Technologies in the formation of the fund and all stages of the public offering, including securing all necessary regulatory approvals.

The IPO of Unicorn Technologies is another successful public offering of a limited partnership on the "R&D Investment Fund" track recently approved by the TASE and the Israeli Securities Authority. This is the second partnership of this kind that raised funds in Israel on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchnage (TASE). 
Our law firm, and particularly the partners Itay Brafman and Adi Ron, acting for our clients, successully promoted the amendments of the regulatory framework to allow public offering of securities of limited partnerships engaged in R&D activities and investments, and earlier this year (2020) represented the first ever IPO on the TASE of a limited partnership specializing in R&D investments.
The lawyers at the Dr. Zeev Holender, Law Firm represent publicly traded limited partnerships on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange for more than 30 years. For many years, only the limited partnerships engaged in Oil&Gas Exploration and Movie Production fields were allowed by the then exsting regulation to offer securities to the public on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. However, in the recent few years, our law firm has successfully acted for several clients seeking to amend the regulation and allow the introduction of additional types of limited partnerships to be traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, inlcuding R&D partnerships.

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