Venture Capital Fund Investment - Spin Off

Minicom Digital Signage spin off and venture capital investment

March 2010

Our firm has represented Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd. in the spin out of its digital signage division into a new company (MDS) and in the investment made by Jerusalem Venture Partners and Aviv Ventures in MDS.

In this transaction, a new company was established for the purposes of the spin off, and simultaneously, funds from several vc investors were raised.
Minicom Digital Signage is a leading vendor of media distribution solutions for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home (DooH) marketplace.
Our law firm's team of lawyers on this transaction included Dr. Zeev Holender, Zorick Shifman and others. They represented Minicom Advanced Systems at all stages of the deal, including the spin off and the investment by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and Aviv Ventures into new company.
[Business details given according to Minicom Press Release - March 2010].

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