Dr. Zeev Holender, Law Offices & Notary (Israel)

About us

Dr. ZEEV HOLENDER, Law Offices & Notary is a high-profile boutique law firm founded by Dr. Zeev Holender which provides legal services to business clients structuring and contemplating complex transactions, by combining inter alia extensive knowledge and expertise in the cross border transactions, companies laws, securities laws, guidelines of the regulatory authorities and tax aspects.


Efficiency Through Professional Focus

The firm's focus is on providig world class legal advice on complex corporate, finance and tax aspects of the business. Being ranked as one of the leading capital markets law firms in Israel, we specialize on structuring deals involving the raising of capital, especially on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), from venture capital funds (as well as angel investors), banks and private equity. In addition, the firm has broad experience in business formation and legal representation in the fields of cross border transactions (including M&A), oil and gas exploration, investments in overseas real estate, high tech start-up companies and international tax planning. 


Personal Attention and Cost Effective Legal Solutions

The firm ephasizes its efforts in providing each client with the utmost personal attention while delivering the most comprehensive legal solutions which include the optimal tax structure tailored and planned for the needs of each client. Being a boutique law firm, we value every client and therefore we are always ready to make the adjustments for his or her needs.


Meeting the Highest Standards

The services provided by the firm meet highest standards of the industry and the exceptional expertise in its fields of practice together with uncompromised quality of work and creativity of staff - faithfully serves the firm’s clients.

In this regard it should be mentioned that the the firm is ranked regularly in prestigious Israeli business guides such as Dun & Brandstreet (D&B) Duns'100 guide of Israeli Largest Enterprises and BDI Code Guide as leading and well known Capital Markets law firm.


Team of Devoted Professionals

The lawyers in our firm read law at the most prestigious law schools of US, Israel and EU, such as Harvard Law School, UC Berkeley, University of Amsterdam, Tel Aviv University and University of Haifa. The leading lawyers of the firm have unique experience of handling the most complex international transactions in small efficient teams thus enabling each member to gain the the most comprehensive legal and business outlook and insight on various industries nad transaction types.


Dr. ZEEV HOLENDER, Law Offices & Notary has developed an unique expertise of providing legal services to publicly traded partnerships and other companies engaged in the Oil & Gas sector in Israel. The firm advises to the majority of the Oil & Gas partnerships currently listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) as well as to Energy Corporations from US and Europe doing business in Israel