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Representing Pro-Seed Venture Capital Fund (TASE: PRSD) in recent NIS 11 million shelf offering of shares and options

February 2011

A team of lawyers from Dr. ZEEV HOLENDER has represented the publicly traded Pro-Seed Venture Capital Fund in recent shelf offering of its shares and options for shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).


NIS 63 Million offering on the TASE by Nanette Real Estate Group N.V. (TASE: NANT)

January 2011

Nanette Real Estate Group N.V., a Dutch company engaged in the field of international real estate, has successfully completed a shelf offering of its Series D bonds on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. At the offering, NIS 63 Million of bonds were acquired by the public and institutional investors.


$6 Million Marine 3D Seismic Survey agreement legal counsel

November 2010

Dr. ZEEV HOLENDER's senior partner, Itay Brafman, Adv., has been engaged in representation of a major player in the Israeli Oil & Gas industry, publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) at multi-billion NIS total value, in a Marine 3D Sesmic Survey agreement for one of its petroleum exploration licenses located offshore Israel.


Representing Olimpia Real Estate Holdings (TASE: OLMP) in $10 million Standby Equity Purchase Agreement

October 2010

A team of lawyers led by Dr. Zeev Holender has represented Olimpia Real Estate Holdings (TASE:OLMP) in its engagement in Standby Equity Purchase Agreement (SEPA) with YA Global Investments L.P.


Representing a publicly traded partnership in Marine 3D Seismic Survey contract valued $4 Million

October 2010

Adv. Itay Brafman, partner at Dr. ZEEV HOLENDER, has represented an Oil & Gas limited partnership publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in its engagement with a foreign company for conducting a Marine 3D Sesmic Survey offshore Israel.


Counsel to Israeli LP purchasing an offshore petroleum license interest from US company

September 2010

Dr. Zeev Holender and Itay Brafman have represented Israeli puclicly traded Oil & Gas LP in negotiating a purchase of a minority interest in an offshore petroleum exploration license held by US based private company.

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