Investment in Israel

It is not a secret that Israeli law is complicated and without proper legal advice and assistance a foreign investor may find himself trapped in its arms. On the other hand, there are many loopholes that allow the sophisticated investor take advantage of the rules and benefit from them. This requires not just thorough knowledge of the strict provisions of the law but a combination of legal and practical aspects of the business environment and tax expertise.

Our law firm can offer our clients with these services as we are well equipped with the know-how and experience which are necessary for this task. We have acquired experience in representing non Israeli clients doing business in Israel in numerous transactions, including assisting them in their tax planning and with the negotiating and drafting of the relevant legal documents. We are proud of not being just lawyers but providing our clients with assistance in all matters involved in their investment in Israel, including helping in receiving governmental grants and incentives, assisting with obtaining any required permits and approvals, tax rulings, financing of the deal, etc.