Tax Planning

Investing outside your country of residence requires careful review of your tax aspects because without planning you may be exposed to double taxation, first in the country of operation and second in the country of your residence. In addition, tax planning may also save you great amount of taxes as the choice of form of the transaction may result in substantial tax savings.

Dr. Zeev Holender (S.J.D, Harvard Law School), the founder of our law firm has over 25 years of experience in structuring and planning international transactions tax wise. He has helped and provided advice in numerous cases regarding the preferred structure.

Recent legislation in many countries is aimed to prevent abuse of local taxes. Accordingly, this field requires deep knowledge of the tax systems of many countries and the ability and creativity to devise simple or complicated structures that may reduce your tax burden at the lowest formation cost.

We have the ability, the experience and the tools to help our clients to achieve this goal. In contrast to many other firms, we do not just give you advice but through our active Amsterdam office can help establish the structure and maintain it.