Structuring International Transactions

International transactions are normally more complicated than in border transactions because they involve foreign laws, risk of double taxation and different culture and language. Therefore, dealing with such transactions requires special skills and experience beyond the ordinary legal boundaries and particularly close familiarity with foreign legal systems and their basic principles. Our partners have unique experience in assisting clients in international transactions resulting from many years of experience.


We have an active office in Amsterdam headed by our partner Adv. Adi Ron who established the office and successfully manages it for the past 10 years. In addition, Adv. Itay Brafman managed for two years our Hungarian office and acquired great experience in real estate investments in Hungary and other countries in Europe.


Dr. Zeev Holender, our founding partner has worked as an active lawyer in one of the leading law firms in New York and was admitted to the New York Bar. As a whole we have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in acquiring companies and/or making deals and/or investments in any country on the Globe.


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