Israel International Investment Law Firm

International Transactions

Our office has broad exprerience in all stages of International Transactions. We advise our clients with regard to Structuring International Transactions, Tax Planning of International Transactions and can provide various unique services in connection to the contemplated deal. We provide a wide range of professional services which include Formation of companies in EU, and especially Dutch companies (both BV and NV). The companies may be further maintained and through our office in Amsterdam (which is licensed and supervised by the Dutch Central Bank).


Structuring International Transactions

International transactions are normally more complicated than in border transactions because they involve foreign laws, risk of double taxation and different culture and language. Therefore, dealing with such transactions requires special skills and experience beyond the ordinary legal boundaries and particularly close familiarity with foreign legal systems and their basic principles. Our partners have unique experience in assisting clients in international transactions resulting from many years of experience of drafting and negotiating cross border deal in various sectors, such as Real Estate, High Tech, Defense, Energy, Chemical Industry etc.
We have an active office in Amsterdam headed by our partner Adv. Adi Ron who established the office and successfully manages it for the past 10 years. In addition, Adv. Itay Brafman managed for two years our Hungarian office and acquired great experience in real estate investments in Hungary and other countries in Europe.
Dr. Zeev Holender, our founding partner has worked as an active lawyer in one of the leading law firms in New York and was admitted to the New York Bar. As a whole we have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in acquiring companies and/or making deals and/or investments in any country on the Globe.

Tax Planning

Investing outside your country of residence requires careful review of your tax aspects because without planning you may be exposed to double taxation, first in the country of operation and second in the country of your residence. In addition, tax planning may also save you great amount of taxes as the choice of form of the transaction may result in substantial tax savings.
Dr. Zeev Holender (S.J.D, Harvard Law School), the founder of our law firm has over 25 years of experience in structuring and planning international transactions tax wise. He has helped and provided advice in numerous cases regarding the preferred structure.
Recent legislation in many countries is aimed to prevent abuse of local taxes. Accordingly, this field requires deep knowledge of the tax systems of many countries and the ability and creativity to devise simple or complicated structures that may reduce your tax burden at the lowest formation cost.
We have the ability, the experience and the tools to help our clients to achieve this goal. In contrast to many other firms, we do not just give you advice but through our active Amsterdam office can help establish the structure and maintain it.

Investments in Israel

It is not a secret that Israeli law is complicated and without proper legal advice and assistance a foreign investor may find himself trapped in its arms. On the other hand, there are many loopholes that allow the sophisticated investor take advantage of the rules and benefit from them. This requires not just thorough knowledge of the strict provisions of the law but a combination of legal and practical aspects of the business environment and tax expertise.
Our law firm can offer our clients with these services as we are well equipped with the know-how and experience which are necessary for this task. We have acquired experience in representing non Israeli clients doing business in Israel in numerous transactions, including assisting them in their tax planning and with the negotiating and drafting of the relevant legal documents. We are proud of not being just lawyers but providing our clients with assistance in all matters involved in their investment in Israel, including helping in receiving governmental grants and incentives, assisting with obtaining any required permits and approvals, tax rulings, financing of the deal, etc.


Formation of Companies in EU and other foreign jurisdictions

Many Israeli public and private companies use our Amsterdam office as a base for managing their Dutch subsidiaries (both BV and NV) and companies in other countries in Europe. Through our Amsterdam office we are able to provide our clients with the services of establishing companies in any one of the 27 countries being members of the EU, including management and administrative services at a very high standard and at relatively low costs.
We assist our clients in Amsterdam in all their legal and managerial needs. Our Amsterdam office is licensed and supervised by the Dutch Central Bank and thus meets the high standards required by the Central Bank of Holland for providing trust and administrative services.