High Tech and Technology Transactions

High Tech

Our law firm represents a number of well-known Israeli venture capital funds and major foreign investors in multi-million worth technology-related investment transactions. In addition, the firm advises to start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs as well. Such experience in both sides allows our lawyers to understand more fully the interests and needs of either venture capital funds and the companies seeking investments, further enabling us to provide in each case the most effective legal advice.


Investment Agreeements

As a part of the legal representation of both the investors and the start-up companies, our firm is well experienced in negotiating and drafting of investment agreeements as well as all other necessary ancillary legal documents and deeds, such as Share Purchase Agreeement (SPA), Investors Rights Agreement (IRA), Management Rights Letter (MRL), Asset Purchase / Assignment Agreement. Furthermore, we assist our clients in matching the optimal structure for the deal, legally-wise and tax-wise, such as spin-off, merger or other suitable structure. By the virtue of our Amsterdam office we are able to provide seamless in-house solution for incorporation of foreign entities in each particular case.

Due Diligence

Our expertise in the field of technology-related investment transactions includes conducting legal due-diligence and supervising financial and technology due diligence investigations for agreements, M&A and IPO, including in the fields of IT, Software Development, Digital Printing, Internet Gaming, Business Intelligence (BI), Web & Mobile applications, etc. Legal due diligence comprises of per-case examination of legal documents, corporate structure and governance, litigation and disputes, IP registration, pledges and liens.

Founders Agreement & Company Formation

Start up companies and entrepreneurs are provided with legal counsel of our firm commencing from the earliest stages of their enterprise (pre-seed/seed). In addition to drafting of the Founders Agreement and initial corporate documents, our law firm often provides them with essential tax and financial insight. Our leading lawyers are also able to assist the startups founders (as well as venture capital, private equity and pledge funds founders) in matching the suitable jurisdiction to establish their company or limited partnership in, and effectively incorporate such entity in any country in the world, inlcluding offshore jurisdiction (such as BVI, Antigua, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, etc.) which are often the jurisdictions of choice for Forex, Internet Gaming, Option and Algorithmic Trading ("algotrading") enterprises. 

Technolgy Licensing and Distribution, Employee Stock Options Plans & Ongoing Representation

Our lawyers have experience in drafting complex licensing and distribution agreement as well as representing start-up and established technology companies in their day-to-day activities. In addition we advise our clients on various issues related to the Israeli labour law, including non-cash employee incentive programs such as ESOP (Employees Stock Ownership Plan) option shares grants with various vesting schedules (in stock option plans under the Israeli Tax Ordnance our lawyers may be elected to serve as esrow / trustees).